Hizreturn's hit song Forever More got a 5 star rating!

Skope Magazines review of the Deliverer CD:

   Deliverer is a confident album full of hope. Hizreturn do a great job in including many different approaches from folk-tinged rock to indie rock and everywhere in between .Throughout it all they use their lyrical work to bring the pieces together. The songs are celebrations for the light of the world and living in it. Concepts of faith are explored in full throughout the songs as their angelic voices serve as the beating heart of the album. Additionally Hizreturns penchant for classic rock further inform these glowing pieces    "Streets of Gold" begins the album with a full energetic sound. their vocals here sound remarkably polished and their guitar flourishes and are equally admirable. Going for a laid back jazz fusion sound is their lounge centric work "Crazy Amazing Love." Everything comes together perfectly on this track from the flute to the easy going rhythm. Shifting into their classic style is the sweetness of "Forever More." For the title track they let everything loose from the rollicking chorus which in itself conjures up images of granduer. Quieter in tone is the sprawling work of "The Restoration Has Begun." They show off their admiration for  rock with a deep cover of "Knocking on Heaven's Door." On their second cover they truly enjoy themselves with the classic rock staple "Bad Moon Rising."  Ending things on a thoughtful note is the retrospective work of :All My Days."

Folk rock is Back! Review by Sophia E Digonis Music reviewer- Punk Globe Magazine and Radio Host@Gypsy Poet radio. Promo TV spot for California recording band HIZRETURN, Forever More. An old school feel meets the new school generation. Folk rock is back! This is a good song as it is nostalgic yet still maintains a freshness for the new generation to enjoy! Folk rock at its finest and much, much, more!

This Christian- Rock group from Oxnard, CA, has taken on the job of spreading the word about the Gospel in the only way they know how through their music! They have the distinction of holding the number 1 spot on Reverbnation for the past 2 years in their genre, that in itself is nearly impossible in this day and age, but they achieved it! They will also be part of Bongo Boy Records Compilation #6 that we will be released to the world in August. The band consists of Mike Angelette on guitar, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, James Boland bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, Bill Brogan on lead guitar and Tim Herrera on drums. Guest musicians include Karen Heiser on the flute. The band tends to use many diverse influences in their music from folk to Indie Rock to Jazz Fusion and all steps in-between and all stops in-between including Classic Rock! The effort opens with "Streets of Gold" which is highly a polished rock-infused melodic message that the band get across to the listener with ease! "Crazy Amazing Love" features Karen Heiser on flute on this laid back  jazz flavored track! "Forever More" reaches back with a reto/mod feel enhanced by the two-voice melodies. The Hammond organ with the leslie adds that depth and fat-sound to this track. The title track "Deliverer"  reminds me of the Byrds in the way the guitars and multiple laid-back melodies come together. The music is simple, yet powerful! "Knocking on Heaven's Door" made famous by Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton's unplugged is done with deep feeling as the band shows its Classic rock roots on this tune! I can say the CD is well-written and the musicians flair for taking it to the right point without going over the top with excess makes this a pleasure  to listen to! They get their message of hope across to the listener and leave just enough spaces for some personal creativity! WELL DONE!!

Hizreturn has just released a new single called take My Hand. This song was written in collaboration with Gar Francis the co-founder of Bongo Boy records with James Boland and Mike Angelette. The song released nationally on digital download only on October 20 2015.